Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bead embroidery some newer items

I have been obsessed by bead embroidery for the last two months, I have taken part in this learning process (Auksarankiu Akademija- the Academy of Gold Hands- :) something like that. The techer was great the students wonderful. It has been a new experience going beyond my abilities, exploring this tehhnique the colour world.

So these are my last things, the two previous have been posted here before ;)

In this one I have used some soutache details for the tree, some arylic roses, Japanese seed beads and one earing a sibling of the lost one- USE SOMETHING LIKE LEFTOVERS AND TRANSFORM THEM INTO SOMETHING YOU LIKE.

A bead embroidery necklace Eternal Blossom (can be transformed into a belt, just needs a longer tubular peyote tube)

Then there is Green Sugar pendant

Then I have tried to make a bigger priece which has been a real  challenge. Mmmm really on needs patience a loooot of patiene. This necklace )(bib) could be joined with fabric, and could be the beggining of a blouse :) Here I hev used three nefrite stones, chech beads (presiosa), chinese beads, acrylic cobochons) etc.
The necklace Herra


So that is it for a while. I will join  you soon, I have one more bracelet, combining soutache and bead embroidery techniques. Mmmmm lovely. This is to come. Also I will transform the earings into bead embroidered ones (due to  the fat that I don't enjoy the colour of the original), also a combinations of freeform beadweaving and embroidery is coming up. I have a vision in my head. That is the nicest phase.

And the last bracelet created not during my so called studies but after- Bracelet Agne (and earings)

Now get insipred with a small presentation compiled by me:
Here is the lovely place to go for some inspiration, for loads of inspiration. For me it is artistic a lot.

Take care and have nice time and enjoyment while beading. Small beads vast impact.:)
Best wishes