Thursday, November 2, 2017

My crossstitch and some sewing

A year ago I got hooked on cross- stiching- and for some time stopped my beading. I think it is ok- let the heart do what it desires to do :)

I love cross stitch due to the marvelous result and the process, which is very long and time consuming and I don't know which is better for me,but cross stitching is a dangerous land- the more you do it the more you want to do it,.... the deeper you go with the never ending wishes... I can's stop searching for the new projects to stitch, on the other hand I don't want to have them lying in my drawers or not finished...

Sewing is quick and satisfying, crazy and useful. I like it a lot...

To be continued...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Poppies in autumn

Hi. Just a quick one to prove that I am moving forward bit by bit. This is my first thicker bead crochet necklace "Poppies". The scheme/pattern was created by JulaG I have it from Pinterest ;) 

Here I was trying different tension, besides my thead ended I had to add another but still here it is. I will be learning this technique till I get the loops, the tension and the thread right. 
What are you learning nowadays? ;)

Sveikučiai mano mokomasis žgutas ir auskariukai. Schema JulijosG pasinaudojus visagaliu Pinterest'u. Trūko ilgio išsprendžiau kaspinais. Tik slidoki žxali žalčiukai ;) Bandžiau siūlo tempimą nežinojau kokio laisvumo turi būti tos kilpelės. Bet nieko mokysimės ;) 


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bead crochet overview


I have been into bead crochet since the beginning of 2016. It is a captivating enough ;)  technique...;) I learned it myself, I have used  it for a rope on the necklace 

Later I tried to work with smaller beads- made a set with size 11 Chec beads 6 beads around. It is a fun set I can't stop wearing. 
Here how I used a cardboard helper to keep my thread in place, it tangled like hell. 
Later I made one more set  and earings.
Now I am into another type if crochet for thicker ropes, I have used a wonderful Russian tutorial on Youtube to learn the technique. I have used a Poppy scheeme and I have crocheted a little piece 6 cm long made a keychain and gifted to my daughter's teacher. 
I used jesns thread and a very small crochet hook. Now I am making a keychain for myself. :) the same pattern, different colours. 

What have you been ip to? How did you learn to bead crochet? 

Your G• u • t •u •k• a• s 

Norėjau tik papasakoti savo nėrimo su karoliukais kelią, kuris prasidėjo 2016 ankstyvą pavasarį. Aš panaudojau 9 berods dydžio biserį ir ant žguto pakabinau siuvinėtą kolje. Vėliau smulkėjo karoliukai, naudojau 11 dydžio Čekų biserį, nusinėriau žgutą ir apyrankę, dabar apsiėmiau išmokti storulių žgutų vėrimo- naudojau karoliukų rate. Išmokau pati tos kitos technikos iš Rusiško Youtube visro. Paverčiau bandymą raktų pakabuku, dabar kita spalvine gama tokį neriu sau. Koks puikus ir įtraukiantis  procesas. 

Kada jūs išmokot nerti vašeliu? Ką šiuo metu veriate?

Jūsų Gutukas ( Inga) 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Soft Aurora bracelet and bead crochet piece

Hi, it has been a while, but... I am here. I have been really busy, we are buying a sort of house like a terraced one, the school year for my kids and me (as I am a teacher) has just started, I keep walking my dog for longer walks, so life is hectic, but am still all in beads and I enjoy every moment of it ;) The main thing is to avoid stress, feel calm and peaceful. I am doing my best.

Onto beads... this project was born in June, it has been happily sold to my colleague who is a sweet and nice fan of my jewellery pieces and things. She gave me a handfull of stones, saying that her bracelet keeps breaking and she is loosing it but she loves it nevethertheless, So I decided to make it into a bead embroidered piece  she will not certainly loose it now. I hope ;D Here I tried bulging or raised bead embroidery as in my recent green necklace. The leaves are made like in this style.
 I called it Soft Aurora. So I think  completely transformed it and tried a newish  for me technique (you see in leaves here).
The soft leather backing is super nice for the touch...

However my summer passion was (it's a pity to say was...) bead crochet as  it opens fun possibilities, so I will be continuing with it in autumn, too. I hope to squeeze bead crocheting in into my busy busy lifestyle (as all working moms). Oh and I can not stop wearing my golden set :)
It is nice and fun, it is not too long (I lacked the beads).
Bye for now what have you been up to?

Sveiki. Senokai nerašiau čia. Labai daug užsiėmimų kaip ir visoms dirbančioms mamoms. Tačiau nepamirštu biserio ar papuošalų kūrimo :) Pirmas darbas Švelni Aurora gimė, kuomet kolegė, kuri nusipirko šį papuošalą, prieš tai atnešė saujelę akmenukų su prašymu kažkaip pataisyti... aš tai padariau panaudojau iškilų siuvinėjimą- lapeliai atlikti šia technika. Pridėjau akmenukų ir sagų užsegimui ir štai ;)

Antrasis papuošalas mano mėgstamas ir dėvimas rinkinukas auksinukas- aišku aukso nerasit ten tik čekišką biserį ;) Nėriau vašeliu pagal schemą, pagelbėjo, kai į telefoną balsu įrašau biserio ant siūlo užnėrimo eilę. Čia yra 6 karoliukų raportas arba apimtis, sujungus siūlą į ratą. Oi...tikiuosi nersiu su karoliukais vašeliu ir rudenį taip pat, tai būtų toks All in Beads tikslas :)

Labai būtų idomu sužinoti ką Jūs neriat ar veriat?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Upcycling my old jewellery for my planner

Hi! I have just started to plan more, I wish to develop a habit- I need to stick to it. So I decorated it with a piece which I have never worn, it used to hang on a bead chain. I took those chains away and glued to the front of the book that's it ;)

Happy beading
Sveiki, pradėjau domėtis planavimu ir vėl dar kartą tikiuosi sėkmingai šį kart, reikia tik nemesti planuot kasdien.
Išardžiau  seną All in Beads, nedėvėtą papuošalą, nuėmiau karoliukų grandinėles ir priklijavau prie darbo knygelės. Gal ir per daug bet smagu naudoti man pačiai :)  

PS pamėginsiu rašyti ir lietuviškai čia- oi daug reiks išverst jei nutarsiu ;)
Gero rankdarbiavimo! Papuoškit ir jūs savo knygeles ;)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bead crocheting 2

Hi! I I have been into bead crocheting a lot. So I have finished one set for myself, now I am making a set for my friend's bday ;) I hope she will like it. I am doing ombre bracelet and something for the neck ;) 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fabric flower for my daughter's hair ;)

It is just a quick one. I have shortened my daughter's summer trousers from Zara ;) An from the remaining fabric scraps I have come up with this flower hair accessory ;) The middle is decorated with some sequins ;) Quick and easy. 
Bye for now ;)
PS as for beading I am bead crocheting at the moment ;)

Monday, April 18, 2016

New bracelets

I have made these during 3 D classes. There we had to make leaves which were  sort of bigger using felt and seed beads. I chose quite strange palette -  blue and grey witn a bit of bronze. 

The first one: 
"The symphony of leaves" I made it for my mom ;) The mother's day is coming. ☀️💐✨ 
The process in some pictures: 
Take a piece of pelon or felt and cut the shape
Later glue the stone and the leaves
After that embroider the leaves, I would have rather made them in one colour ;)
Just go on and embroider the background ;) 
And here is the result, I have used leather for the back ;) 
I hope my mom will enjoy wearing it ;) 

In fact I will show all the bracelets in the group hosted by Vitalija Velyviene an American bead artist ;)

I really love this one by Asta Toto. It is amazing, wonderful the level I would like to achieve ;) Just look at colours they are subtle and striking ;) Sead bead power, art!!! 

The bracelet number 2  is more simple but more wearable. It is made in various black beads;  I love it ;) I will find a better picture.
Take care
PS Best wishes from my doggy ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

A bead embroidery necklace and Happy Easter!


Happy merry Easter! 

This necklace is the second lesson of the 3d bead embroidery lessons. It needed a bead crocheted rope and the actual piece. I had to join them together. The necklace isn't very wearable due to colour choice green, brick and orange. Yet I will definetely look for something ;) to wear it with.  There is a little bit of beige- with farfalle beads on the edges ;)

Some pictures ofvthe process:
So that us it for now- this is one of the major pieces for this year I think and the beginning of bead crocheting stage addicting one as I see ;)