Friday, May 31, 2013

Pinterest Zest: an attempt to make a box

I have recently been on the lookout for cute and easy paskaging, there are myriads of the ideas on Pinterest.....

This was a trial to make a little box for a herringbone bracelet and earings:

So this was my crazy attempt- far frome perfect, I used paskaging paper, my felted popom and an old card for card stock

Crazy like me :)

This is my package linky from Pinterest (the crafters'paradise) and this is the tutu for the ral thing in case u wanto to try Martha .

Happy beading and wrapping :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shoe renewal- with beaded and soutache element ;)


I think I have saved my leather summer lovely flats shoes from the dumpster, I can rock them still, I think- so the lost bows have a new beaded replacement now.

I used the very loved twin or duo beads and black matte sead beads size 11 by Preciosa Ornela  . I mostly use these Chech beads.

I made this detail using a pattern form
From Ringaile Radojevic board
I found this pattern in this wonderfoul and resourceful board-

So my final result for the shoe decoration- I used a bit of leather and a bit of soutache :

Happy beading
Don't throw the stuff away- decorate etc :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

RAW braceleet revisited

Hi long time it has been, I practically all week long bit by bit amidst other work was sitting at this bracelet, lacking beading speed totally, ;/ Yet i have finished correcting the bracerlet- as the client wanted it wider the earings bigger- so I did it :)
Happy beading
Much fster than me ;)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My bead haul, from a bead shop in Kaunas

Hi, I am just starting to share my hauls, I could include some pictures of the work I do with the beads bought- I wish the components could go more in the projects with the old stuff. So seriously need to work on that.

Here in Kaunas, in the bead shop (in URMAS) (one of the cheapest options, out of the centre). I was surprised that the shop had been enlarged wow- i said to myself I thought where am I???? :) So definetely the making jewellery business and just as hobby is blooming.

I bought:
  • glass pearls (good bargain)
  • studs (might be handy now)
  • spikes (used some on the bag decoration)
  • needles (always need them)
  • earing wires (always needed)
  • some round beads (never know)
  • peach daggers (I am always on the hunt for some daggers)
  • black Preciosa seed beads (not obut will do)
  • My haul

    I came up with this set (just a quick gift idea) i have it for my friend as an addition to the gift ;)

Down the memory lane: my bead embroidery

I have forgotten to put my all greatest bead embroidery pieces into one post, I created them about one year ago, they are not worn by me very often, but are in my jewellery box, always ready for some action ;)

My most favourite I just love it due to the ombre effect, it is very fashionable currently
Blooming garden:

Then there is a mega piece, the pattern is based on Serafini patterns for bead embroidery collars, it is very big. 

 And two cuffs

Mint Garden



Happy beading 
 Remember your greatest pieces ;)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Learning brick stich

From previous brick stich endevours there are some pieces that I like :) I have made them a couple of weeks ago; somehow I haven't posted them. So i am doing it now....

A pin "Apple tree blossom" time consuming, especailly because of the inner part :), the seed beads used- toho treassures.
A bracelet made out of circles then those circles were sewn together and added additional half circles, if I clearly express it :)

 Earings-  hearts:

Happy beading-
PS brick stich rocks ;)

RAW details for an old clutch

I have completed my decorated clutch. It is in RAW (right angle weave), it was the last part of a two month challenge. I feel quite happy and exhausted at the same time, so many beading  techniques I have tried for the last two months.

For this particular clutch I 'll add a strap, will show then too. All in all,  I am very glad how it worked out, it is really more ":me" now- it screams I LIKE BEAAAADSSSSSSS I do like them. :)

 I was beading the details separately (just eyballed the meassurments) :) then stiched them to the seams. Very easy way to fasten a decorative element. It took me about four days, of course I wasn't beading all day long. \
 So as I promised I added a strap and a decoration- a bow ;) on the small buckle-

 The bow up closer. It has been done in brick stich by increase on both sides then sewn together with tila in the middle.The strap beginning i did in herringbone, reinforeced a lot. Still I think I cannot put a lot in that purse, the strap attachment needs to be stronger- but for a phone and wallet it will do ;) I hope. i am very glad that I have made something useful and wearable.

The inspiration for the bow, the bows are done perfectly here so evenly. ;) Here is her facebook page Atikute

By Atikute (made by Egle)

Good luck beading and decorating something you feel bored with ;) G.