Sunday, March 24, 2013

Three HR projects

I have used herringbone to make these HR bells- they have three branches- wonderful to suspend something suspendable from inside.

 The title is CIRCUS- very inspiring dangling beads, remind me of circus gown or curtains or clown's trousers pattern. It was fun to make. My wirework needs practice so much. ;)

Another project is a herring bone bracelet and earings- THE LAGOONI have used two techniques: twisted tubular herring bone and branched herringbone. This is the tutorial for the twisted one at Inspirational beading page.

My kids' impatient hamster came into the scene :)

The last piece is beading around the rivols- quite easy to bead with herringbone as well. THE HELIAD'S EYES

Happy beading and trying herringbone- for me there is one last it seems HR prioject a necklace....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Herringbone necklace

I have just started to do something with  herringbone stich, actually I know it quite a bit... In my inventory there is a bracelet, a rope and that is it. Yet this rope is very easy to make consists just of two beads, can be joined with any detail or stone- very light, quick and easy to make, can be in any colour. I liked it....
I have called it (Red shades of grey) :D

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A beaded bead detail (RAW again)

I have finished a beade bead (after having redone this detail twice it is still not perfect). However, it was very intersting to make and try out can be as a focal or as a part of a necklace, a smaller version can ebcome earings :) anything... It is done in RAW.

Light salsa

 The pattern is here- make a square and join ;)

Have a nice day ;)

Friday, March 15, 2013

"Cranbery Snake" RAW Lariat

I am so happy it is my first lariat. I finished decorating it yesterday.. I have called it Cranberry Snake. It reminds a snake a bit. I used 5 colours Toho seed beads, purples, silver and black. For the decoration- keishi pearls and some red corals, geen seed beads in two colours. I have put a cord inside so it is very bendable and very flexable :) Like it a lot, that it is not stiff....

Our teacher's Vitalija's kind comment ( Fantastika, Inga-G. ! dar tokios gyvates-spanguoles negirdejau! Ka reiskia zmogaus fantazija! Sita spalva daugelis megsta Idomiai tie perliukai isikomponavo… darbas "gutukiskas" , kaip visada. Grazuolis zgutas! ) - that it is beautiful, and quite stylish, and full of fantasy ant the colour is popular) I am in the ninth heaven....

Happy beading and trying out a lariat :)

PSSome other lariats from my class From Lithuanian golden handed girls :)
Autumn Flower by Julija

Rain Cheat by Artof Shine

Saint Tropez by Paradis

Purple Evening by Dalika
Tell me a secret by Rebel Soul

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Continuing RAW spring fever :)


I am continuing in a RAW (right angle weave) little adventure, in the class, mastering the stich which was neglected by me. There are so many pluses to it I can't express. I created a board on pinterest right-angle-weave-ideas. 

The things I have made for the past week:
 A green and yellow bracelet SPRING:

A set BLACK TANGO from triangular matte Toho beads size about 8, silver little round beads and 3 mm black bicones.
The pattern for the bracelet:

Have a happy day and bead your  RAW too :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Right angle weave bracelet and earings

Inspired by the challenge on the virtual academy and our teacher Vitalija Velyviene- her FB page
The first topic is right angle weave (RAW). We had to come up with the earings and the bracelet if we had time :) The pattern goes like this:

I like this stich because it is drapy, very square, easy and fast to make and we can decorate it quiite easily. I like RAW very much. There are some initial photos

The following earings are not mine. These are wonderful examples from my classmates, virtual ones from the forum:
Stočkutė Agnė

Happy beading