Sunday, March 24, 2013

Three HR projects

I have used herringbone to make these HR bells- they have three branches- wonderful to suspend something suspendable from inside.

 The title is CIRCUS- very inspiring dangling beads, remind me of circus gown or curtains or clown's trousers pattern. It was fun to make. My wirework needs practice so much. ;)

Another project is a herring bone bracelet and earings- THE LAGOONI have used two techniques: twisted tubular herring bone and branched herringbone. This is the tutorial for the twisted one at Inspirational beading page.

My kids' impatient hamster came into the scene :)

The last piece is beading around the rivols- quite easy to bead with herringbone as well. THE HELIAD'S EYES

Happy beading and trying herringbone- for me there is one last it seems HR prioject a necklace....

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