Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sewing adventures: a tote bag

Hi dear friends! My stocking stuffer idea was a tote bag a simple one. 
So I made one actually 3 of these and gave as gifts. 

I bought a piece of nice starry fabric at a thrift shop for 1.5 e on sale. From one piece I could make 3 super super happy. Of course I pre washed and ironed it. Cut into three pieces and sewed a dog tried to make it a borzoi leather aplique. 

So it is the result ☺️


Friday, December 25, 2015

Stuffed cuties time

Hi, friends ;) Here I have made some cuties, as I call them. They are little sewn stuffed creatures, they are among my favourite things to sew ;) Also they make great keychains ;) And who doesn't want to use all the fabric scraps and bead leftovers? Do you have any spare buttons? You can use them. I collect them- you can use old buttons too. See, of course it is a fun little project. 

Cutie nr 1 my daughter wants to adopt him - The Rabbit

Cutie nr 2 A Girl

Cutie nr 3 A Fatty Little Something ;) 

Oh this is it for now, when will I get more serious? ;) 

Have a wonderful celebration time! 

My dog wants to wish you Merry Christmas too.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

So Cool felt sewing machine

My daughter got this machine from Santa. She had wanted it. 

What a cool machine it sews without thread just with a needle ;) actually 6 needles. There is a special fabric, but it can sew another type of thin felt ;) too I think. 

My daughter first sewed a cupcake; it is in the kit ;) The edges are a bit raw but it is ok as she had a great time ;) 

Then she was happy to make a bag this time we turned it inside out ;) 

Later we made a little pouch for her friend from dance classes Auguste. I sewed a button and the handle but my seven-year old can do it too.

After that she decided to sew a little friend 

This the result 

She couldn't make the body, it was too small for felting-sewing with So Cool for her. 

So these are our little adventures with So Cool. I hope, it won't get boring and my daughter will make more nice projects. ;) 

Best Wishes

ps #socool #felting #socoolfelt

Sunday, December 6, 2015

On a soutache kick

Hi! I've been into soutache recently, I have a lot if soutache in my beading stash, I didn't use it at the time I was interested ;) So I am looking forward to using it this time ;) at least some of it. 

At first I made a pair of earings as a practice I was inspired by a gorgeous  piece on the pinterest. Mine is in colours: blue and burgundy, unfortunately my swarowski rivoli slightly don't match :( 
  One is darker than the other oh ...never mind. 

Here is another pair, that I am making 

Another project is my old hair clip- I am going to dress ir up, I am using an old flower from a necklace, beads, some soutache ;) The fabric is from a thrifted chair cover, the rest I used up gor a purse organiser ;)
It is real fun wheb I can embroider ;) So I will take pictures in day light. By for now ;)