Thursday, February 28, 2013

A march challenge for beaders

Oh it is so lovely, I HAVE found this challenge from one blogger Rebel soul- So March challenge hosted by Fusion beads. Every day there is a new task- it is great - could try it :)

Happy beading

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brick stich bracelet

I am starting to get into bead weaving or stiching  from bead embroidery- as I for the next two months I am going to learn seed bead stiches.

I am immensely looking forward to that, the women in this virtual class are experienced so it will be a shame to do anyhow- oh I will have to try hard. So the studies in this so called academy will start on the first of  March, for a while I am just stiching something.

The idea for this bracelet  is taken from the Beadwork magazine. I have called it Snake's bling :) I have used an old brick stich piece. Also, I have used some agate stones, fire polished beads (or like) and Toho beads- two colours :)


I have drawn  a rough sketch of the round components, they are so fast to make :)

 Have a nice day and happy beading ;0D



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's (earings and a bracelet)

Though it is cold outside, for some people this day is meaningful. I saw a young man caryying flowers and dragging a huge teddy in his hands, I got a present in a shop, gave flowers for my granny, wrote my hubby a postcard (longer ago).. It is  a lovely day ;D

My jewellery for this day - Karie Slade's Gumdrops in the Garden- I don't have gumdrops, took simple round stones... And the joining of the flowers is made a bit differently. This is preformed in brick stich Thanks Karie for the pattern. :)

This is a wonderful interview with Karrie at bead circle .

Happy beading and trying a new pattern :) I wonder what to try now?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A bead embroidery set "Winter Dream"

I have taken part in a small competition- it had a name "A wonderful piece of jewellery for the fraction of the price".

I didn't get the prize but came 12th- that's quite good for me as I have never taken part in any such competitions. My piece is really cheap- the price of materials- is just about 1.5 dollars- as the stones were the gift, somethings were bought in bulk, soutache part and a bit toho beads cost here a bit... So really cheapy cheap.. just hard work. :)
A necklace and earings which I called "A Wnter Dream"
Soutache necklace- Aufritte (Lithuania)

 Here are the prize winners- just gorgeous.
Frivolite brooch- by Saromania (Lithuania)

Necklace- by Benderiute (Lithuania)

Happy beading and taking part in competitions surprise yourself!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Scraps to something good: a pendant and a ring

Where do you put your beads? Do you throw them away? Do you sort them back to the containers?  I am sure there are some left after a bigger project... now I've got into the habit to do a little project in the same or similar colour scheme- so i decided to make pendants or rings. Those little thingies are useful as:
  •  gifts, 
  • as practice of new patterns
  • as little pieces of jewellery for oneself
This is a pendant I made: 
Here are my two pieces a ring (I made earlier) .
Tose are little news from me- now I am thinking what to make out of these nice beads: :)