Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My new pieces peyote

Some of my new beaded works- the rivoli beaded around in peyote. Some blue stones added, quite wearable due to more colours, than one.... :) I like those earings a lot. ;)

A beaded around cobochon;
 A pendant above is done in peyote with a hole for a decorative element :)

The last peace circular twisted peyote

Happy beading
G. :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A herringbone necklace

The chalenge has forced to make a necklace which would be quite a task to get ready for. It was inspired by this piece It is called Ode to Grecian Urn by Jennifer VanBenschoten (this is her etsy page ). It reminds really something Roman or Greek. It's a very beautiful structural piece, using 5 rows of herringbone, of different bead sizes, the biggest issue is to avoid curling inwards.
Jennifer VanBenschoten 

Beadwork magazine says:
"Five different sizes and types of seed beads form the pretty amforalike curves in this lively ode to Grecian forms"

My piece is inspired but cannot be compared.

It is called The Jeans runner, due to colours  and herringbone pattern. It  seems like a runner on the table I don't know if runners can be on the floor, like rugs or mats. So here is the name indly suggestyed by my teacher.

I have rocked the colar on the turtle nec- really fun and wearable.

Happy beading