Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sewing adventures- the little ones

Hi a short post for my sewing endevours- I have made the cap- using the pattern- if somebody would like I could make a tutorial. Though the winter is flying away rapidly (the sunshine and even the bird songs today at the end of February were so soothing and so promising that spring is finally coming soon). Yet a cap can always be of use. Of course hard to resist decorating ;) All in studs.

 I have decorated daughter's jumper - just a simple stork applique- I love appliques. The unsuccessful project....
And lastly i have made a collar fro an old tie- could be fastened with any pin :)
Some bibs I have sewn recently for a baby boy:

 Have fun ;)

Colour school 3- sepia and black (all the range till white)

Hi, I have come with the homework for the third lesson of our little colour school here organized locally in our BISERIS LT  group, could probably become a member on request (here is the lesson 1 and lesson 2 ).

These are the bead embroidered earings that I have made.


The lesson included that a wonderful combination could be sepia and black (or the range of achromatic colours- from black through grey to white- all the range) . It was interesting to find out that sepia is not only used   in photography but in art too. Some examples of sepia:


The lesson included a wonderful colour combo- which could look stunning and good and luxurious- sepia and achromatic colours (from black to white). It is a good idea to throw in a touch of silver or gold it looks good. So I have tried to throw everything into this soup. The lesson learned - it is quite a wearable combo, to my mind.
Some other beyond wonderful examples of girls (no boys unfortunatelly among us) doing homework and having fun with  jewellery making. :)

By Ieva Skačkauskienė (her wonderful style of combining wire and beads and tightly forming into one unit- is so amazing). Here is Ieva's blog .
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A bead crocheted necklace by Gintare Plytaitiene (awsome python skin..) My dream art to learn...
By Gintare Plytaitienė (REBEKE)
By Gintare Plytaitiene (REBEKE)  (FB page above)
A set by Gitana Diržienė - this is a lot of work to invest as always eith bead embroidery 
Bt gitana Diržienė
Happy beading
Gutukas ;)

PS One example  from Pinterest:
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Amber necklace

Hi ;) last week I changed my older amber piece- that is the only work I have done in amber, of course the pieces are small they  are glued and sewn to the surface.  Nowadays, if one goes to the Baltic sea coast, yo rarelly will find amber, maybe after the storm if you go hunting while waves are still wild... I have done it long time ago....Remembered my friend is by the sea.... how is she doing in this cold, is the sea stormy?

Here is my "Ambery" necklace- sead beads (including Chinese), amber, polimer clay beads, wooden beads green semi precious stones. The techniques- bead embroidery and raw for the strap. :)
PS and earings not in amber theme totally

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Colour school 2: A necklace Barbara

Hi hello- I have come up with a new homework- the task was to complete a piece in one colour preferably black, white or grey. Most pieces were in black - of course it is a potent colour. So here we had to think
about TEXTURE, VALUE and other things:

My pendant  Barbara-I have made the pendant myself, using the molding sylicone form for polymer clay. I tried to use different textures on both sides, as the bottom I used the left friend of a  lost earing. oh super super challange I like it a lot .
See you!

Other wonderful pieces of the same task:

In black:

By Jurgita Benderytė

By Rebel SOUL EK
By Eglė Vosyliūtė

By Ieva Skačkauskienė