Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sewing adventures- the little ones

Hi a short post for my sewing endevours- I have made the cap- using the pattern- if somebody would like I could make a tutorial. Though the winter is flying away rapidly (the sunshine and even the bird songs today at the end of February were so soothing and so promising that spring is finally coming soon). Yet a cap can always be of use. Of course hard to resist decorating ;) All in studs.

 I have decorated daughter's jumper - just a simple stork applique- I love appliques. The unsuccessful project....
And lastly i have made a collar fro an old tie- could be fastened with any pin :)
Some bibs I have sewn recently for a baby boy:

 Have fun ;)


  1. These stuff you have made are pretty. The baby bibs look simple and the cap is very awesome. You did a very nice job for this one!

    1. Thanks Rob a lot! ;) warmest greetings To you! I love the bibs yet the fabric is hard to iron onbthese...6


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