Saturday, April 5, 2014

Colour school 3: Trying out a butterfly bead weave

Hi, I surrender to butterfly fascination or attraction- I am amazed how beaders achieve this regular beauty. Far from my ability ;) It has been my attempt to tame bright colours. The various schemes of butterflies are on Pinterest here , here, and  here.

The colour school post was about that it is possible to take two or three primary colours (yellow, red, or blue) and match them with black, white or grey. For an unexpected brightness and vitality.

I have made the little blue polimer beads myself. Rolled in salt then baked. :) For the wings I used here toho beads, preciosa and chinese ones after considerable culling.The wings are made in brick stich then attached to the body. i have used wire to strengthen the body and wings. :)

Here are some inspirational pictures of butterlies:

Mariposa.White deer skull sculpture from

Morph (2008)(from


In conclusion, it was tougher to make than I imagined, but  I like the end result a lot :)

Have a beadful day, take care


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