Thursday, February 11, 2016

New work bead embroidery and...

Hi! I am so happy to have this blogger app on my phone it is do quick now. ;)

I have recently been into bead looming it is my second project I loomed on my handmade loom so the work is a bit wrinkly but just a tiny bit. 

"On a Patchworked Path"

Secondly, I have started online 3D bead embroidery classes in a fb group ;) 

The first challenge was to make a pendant with a hole.

I used a cobochon I beaded attached it to the surface, there is herringbone, bead embroidery and daisy chain for 
the necklace ;)
 "In the Garden" 

The reverse side ;) with soft suade
All the ladies' work in yhe same lesson ;)

So that is it for now I am learning jow to tubular bead crochet a lot of people are i to it ;)