Thursday, August 8, 2013

The fabric flowers necklace and some pictures of a countryside

Hi just a quick one here amidst all summer fun and heat (it is really hot here in Lithuania). I don't mind as long as I am by the water or in the water . It is a pity not enough   time to bead. ;(

This necklace is called "A White Garden" it was  a gift for my cousin (she is expecting a scond  baby) ;) I hope she will wear it ;)

 The netting detail is very easy to bead, the picture was taken by V.Velyviene

 1 row- the red circle (1- 15, 1- 11) I substituted the 15 for 11 and 11 for 8 The netting got chunkier from that :) If one wants a tiny variation better to use 15 number toho or Chech seed beads.

2 row- the blue and green circle- 3-15s, 1- 11, 3- 15s.

3 row a pearl or a swarowski between the 11ses. (Always repeat just the 2 and 3 row :)

Another set is called The Game so it is just another variayion of my beaded beads, it is a gift for another my lovely cousin :) I made polimer clay beads.
Here are just some pictures from my little vacation in Birzai:
Going for a run in heat :) on that day  6 km.
Everything is thriving and ripening :) Real apples and berries so rich and beautiful....

just some weeds in the field
a small mushroom amidst its friends by the house
not only for me
by the castle
soon ready to eat in the pie
red sournesss

Happy resting and beading if you manage to have time ;)