Thursday, August 30, 2012

A necklace Sun and Moon

I have done it for the August challenge, as it is not easy I haven't  sent the pictures. I have done beaded rings, of three colours of blue beads. The colour scheme is copper and blue :)
Sun and Moon

Pincushion "Bright Life

As I have finished my pincushion before my holiday a week ago, I need to post it a bit later. Here is a picture me with  a goat in  Germany safari park.

As for pincushion, I have taken an inspiration from here I have said it is my favourite spot :D ; and admired so many creative and wonderful pincushions.

So inspired by the material itself I have made a pincushion:  I filled a mouthwash botlle lid, with 3 beach pebbles plus kids' plasteline, so the basis became heavy and sturdy. Then, I cut the filtz according to this lid, embroidered, then glued and stiched two sides together, then sewed the cap filled with soft stuff. That is it. Easy, decorated with a herringbone flower.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

For colour lovers

Hi ;)

I have stumbled upon an amazing post by Inspirational beading it is just awsome, how one can inspire others to use colour, to look at it in a fun way. Thanks to this wonderful beader and writer :) I always look forward to her posts :)

So there are featured two wonderful features polivore a good opportunity to practice mixing and window shopping for free for everyone. However I liked the Lima beads with  Create and learn studio and especially FreshPicks are fun- I enjoyed some of them, haven't time to create my pick yet- as there are myriads of awsomness to look at. For example:

Smokin Titanium

So just let's get on with our beading and colour fun

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bead table Wednesday- without a table :)


I have joined an interesting group in Flikr it is A BEad table Wednesday- whoever started it it is a great idea to look around the current trends, what is fresh and cooking boiling on the beaders' desks and tables.

I have now three projects bigger and smaller brewing- one is a forever one _bead embroidery painting (I will use G.Klimt's Kiss as a huge inspiration, but I do not have or possess a partten (like theere is for cross stiching) I will be using up close version  - . So far I haven't got what much to show as I am not working on it constantly mmm (pity).

And another small one it is a pincushion. So am upcycling here using what I have to make a little tiny pincusion for myself. I was very inspired by this post at Inspirational beading. It is awsome how many ideas people have... I am bead embroidering (of course) the sides of a mouthwash cap filled with stones for heviness and sturdiness.
bead embroidering sides

mouthwas cap and stuffed vintage material

Have  a nice beading and show your table ( I haen't showed mine will do it in the near future).

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sort of using my stash: turquoise necklace


I have completed a turquoise necklace (have called it Summer) as a gift to my Latvian friend-relative. I used the main colors- turquoise and brown and a secondary colour a bit of a hint of red and yellow. I bead embroidered around the focal beads. I took the inspiration from Beadwork  magazine older beadwork issue. It has been fun.

I have used or destashed: turquoise round big beads (they have been in  my stash for three years (not quite my colour), brown seed beads (in my stash for a long time- three years too).

Happy beading and getting ispiration from magazines be it old or new. 

Here are some pictures from Venspils (as they call it) it is a cute, little tidy place to vist esp with kids...

Upcycling: turning swatch watch face into a bezel


The summer is running away from us as if sand through the fingers. We ave been travelling here and there- but yet still somehow I ave so many \thoughts invested into beading- why? Maybe I have some free time, I have a nice blog, without followers yet still... :)

So I have completely transformed my watch, after the disaster wiiht it only its face remained (I tore the other side, sanded the corners lightly). Then, I beaded it around in peyote stich like a bezel, used some Chech long beads, some fake swarowskies- and here I have my trusty old watch, living and upcycled. I glued everything to the paper towel ionside, then cut the shape, this shape requires some initial meassuring.

Happy beading and returning some lovely tings back to life:)