Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bead table Wednesday- without a table :)


I have joined an interesting group in Flikr it is A BEad table Wednesday- whoever started it it is a great idea to look around the current trends, what is fresh and cooking boiling on the beaders' desks and tables.

I have now three projects bigger and smaller brewing- one is a forever one _bead embroidery painting (I will use G.Klimt's Kiss as a huge inspiration, but I do not have or possess a partten (like theere is for cross stiching) I will be using up close version  - . So far I haven't got what much to show as I am not working on it constantly mmm (pity).

And another small one it is a pincushion. So am upcycling here using what I have to make a little tiny pincusion for myself. I was very inspired by this post at Inspirational beading. It is awsome how many ideas people have... I am bead embroidering (of course) the sides of a mouthwash cap filled with stones for heviness and sturdiness.
bead embroidering sides

mouthwas cap and stuffed vintage material

Have  a nice beading and show your table ( I haen't showed mine will do it in the near future).

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