Monday, August 6, 2012

Upcycling: turning swatch watch face into a bezel


The summer is running away from us as if sand through the fingers. We ave been travelling here and there- but yet still somehow I ave so many \thoughts invested into beading- why? Maybe I have some free time, I have a nice blog, without followers yet still... :)

So I have completely transformed my watch, after the disaster wiiht it only its face remained (I tore the other side, sanded the corners lightly). Then, I beaded it around in peyote stich like a bezel, used some Chech long beads, some fake swarowskies- and here I have my trusty old watch, living and upcycled. I glued everything to the paper towel ionside, then cut the shape, this shape requires some initial meassuring.

Happy beading and returning some lovely tings back to life:)

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