Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A brown pink necklace and about a fringe


I have completed a necklace- Blooming Earth (Besiskleidzianti Zeme in Lithuanian). I have seen the inspiration on this blog tacklethatbeadstash . It is great and the topic was pink, brown and cream. And beaders had to inlude flowers- you can join in too this last week.  So it was wonderful to be a part of it with my favourite medium- bead embroidery (loving it right now). I bead embroidered a shape which I have cut out of felted material (from tigershop ) I glue two - make a stiffer version, the backing is leather.

It can also be used as a lamp decoration :D

The most awsome and nice thing is to try something new- I tried here a  bit of raised bead embroidery and made the fringe- with a needle size 10 (very thin) and thinnest nymo thread .

All in all, the fringe makes it just wonderful, flowing and very extremely soft to touch. I like the effect of it.

I would like to talk somehow about the fringe as I have descovered it in fuller power just with this necklace, earlier I used it only as a part of earings, on a smaller scale. So it is just wonderful As Inspirational Beading IB )claims "Fringe is a beader's best friend" I completely agree with this point. We can see many fringes- a simple fringe, like I used; a leafy fringe (in the tutorial here- leafy fringe ), a double fringe from the book Amulet Obssession by B.Elbe (two fringes one on the other).

It isstill in fashion for 2012 so here are some examples:

There can be even a box with a fringe- there is an infinity of possibilities.

Happy beading and fringing :)

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