Sunday, July 1, 2012

One pair of earings every day for a week- challenge

Hi (once again)

I will try to go on a learning challenge- a pair of earings  a week. :) Just for learning some techniques.,

The first one grey  pearl ones. I have taken the pattern from this nice beader , from TC Beads. 

I unfortunately couldn't stick to the challenge- it is too hard for me with the kids but I will be adding here some of my earing designs:

So a new pair, I like them a lot, have worn them through the past week a great deal.

 It is composed of a light green ceramic drop, a metal bow and a simple beaded bead I have made myself- tie acircle of beads, make around three pairs of beads- continue beading them separately and them join three strands at the top- here is your bead. It is not as neat as other beaded beads- yet it is very quick and suitable for beginners :)

So happy beading
PS ouldn't stick to the challenge...


  1. Šaunus sumanymas šis iššūkis. Laukiu tęsinio:)

    1. Ačiū Sarma, stengsiuos tikrai :);)


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