Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A brown pink necklace and about a fringe


I have completed a necklace- Blooming Earth (Besiskleidzianti Zeme in Lithuanian). I have seen the inspiration on this blog tacklethatbeadstash . It is great and the topic was pink, brown and cream. And beaders had to inlude flowers- you can join in too this last week.  So it was wonderful to be a part of it with my favourite medium- bead embroidery (loving it right now). I bead embroidered a shape which I have cut out of felted material (from tigershop ) I glue two - make a stiffer version, the backing is leather.

It can also be used as a lamp decoration :D

The most awsome and nice thing is to try something new- I tried here a  bit of raised bead embroidery and made the fringe- with a needle size 10 (very thin) and thinnest nymo thread .

All in all, the fringe makes it just wonderful, flowing and very extremely soft to touch. I like the effect of it.

I would like to talk somehow about the fringe as I have descovered it in fuller power just with this necklace, earlier I used it only as a part of earings, on a smaller scale. So it is just wonderful As Inspirational Beading IB )claims "Fringe is a beader's best friend" I completely agree with this point. We can see many fringes- a simple fringe, like I used; a leafy fringe (in the tutorial here- leafy fringe ), a double fringe from the book Amulet Obssession by B.Elbe (two fringes one on the other).

It isstill in fashion for 2012 so here are some examples:

There can be even a box with a fringe- there is an infinity of possibilities.

Happy beading and fringing :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Amber delights


 It is possible to make amber talk in a newer way; combine it not only with itself and silver- as it is has been for ages here in Lithuania- which is wonderful I don't deny. It is possible to have a go at designing something new, reviving the forgotten stone.

Threre was a small small and nice beaded amber contest, for the beaders in our forum (auksarankes). The master of amber embroidered jewellery Vitalija Velyviene (some of the amber work by vitalija.velyviene ) was the host. The jury was her husband Audrius (a strict one :)). The prize was a subscribtion of Beadwork magazine(beadingdaily). I can show some of the masterpieces by our host...
Design by Vitalija
Design by Vitalija

Design by Vitalija 

 They are gorgeous, aren't they?

The first place went to  Benderiute (  her amazing felted jewellery auksarankes ) she has created a unique, wild and moving shape of a necklace, rainbow selection of amber. It is called Amber rainbow. It looks really awsome. So happy reading and enjoying :)

Created by Benderiute
Another fine work was by Varune (called Honey) , she has used a calm pallete of colours, where amber is an accent stone, it is very wearable and complete :) Worth the first place too. I like those longish beads a lot, they embelish this necklace.
Created by Varune

I have ventured to make an assimetrical necklace using amber, and linen.
Happy beading and using amber.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Givaway at Pretty Things


There is a wonderful giveaway by Pretty Things (check out prettythingsblog) though it is probably too late to sign in still it is fun and worth visiting and looking at the bead mixes and jewellery she makes.

In the giveawy I would like to get the mix above or the book-

All the gifts are wonderful and fun.

Happy mixed beading.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

One pair of earings every day for a week- challenge

Hi (once again)

I will try to go on a learning challenge- a pair of earings  a week. :) Just for learning some techniques.,

The first one grey  pearl ones. I have taken the pattern from this nice beader , from TC Beads. 

I unfortunately couldn't stick to the challenge- it is too hard for me with the kids but I will be adding here some of my earing designs:

So a new pair, I like them a lot, have worn them through the past week a great deal.

 It is composed of a light green ceramic drop, a metal bow and a simple beaded bead I have made myself- tie acircle of beads, make around three pairs of beads- continue beading them separately and them join three strands at the top- here is your bead. It is not as neat as other beaded beads- yet it is very quick and suitable for beginners :)

So happy beading
PS ouldn't stick to the challenge...

Necklace Flower


I have completed my necklace! It has taken me less than one week, I have taken it slowly and enjoyed the process, in the evenings mostly (late late) The colour purple rocks me here :) I have called it "Flower"as I haven't got a better idea of the name, though for me the piece is so lovely.

I have used a huge agate  Originaly I thought it was an amethyst :D  I like the stone. And the flower.

 I have tried a chain (I have seen it here theglassbutterflyetc ) - it goes faster when one gets used to it, at first some small diamonds might be not straight. The flower is attached to the rope, can be taken off.

 Happy beading!
PS got into dolls and polymer clay - can't wait to use something in bead embroidery.