Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A bead embroidery set "Winter Dream"

I have taken part in a small competition- it had a name "A wonderful piece of jewellery for the fraction of the price".

I didn't get the prize but came 12th- that's quite good for me as I have never taken part in any such competitions. My piece is really cheap- the price of materials- is just about 1.5 dollars- as the stones were the gift, somethings were bought in bulk, soutache part and a bit toho beads cost here a bit... So really cheapy cheap.. just hard work. :)
A necklace and earings which I called "A Wnter Dream"
Soutache necklace- Aufritte (Lithuania)

 Here are the prize winners- just gorgeous.
Frivolite brooch- by Saromania (Lithuania)

Necklace- by Benderiute (Lithuania)

Happy beading and taking part in competitions surprise yourself!


  1. This ROCKS!!! Just gorgeous - you may think you've only got $1.50 in there, but it's worth SO much more than that in "blood, sweat and tears". BEAUTIFUL piece - you should be so proud! Happy Valentines Day - Tanya

    1. You always Rock as have time for stopping by :) Thanks for the wishes same to you... Have a nice valentines :)My valentine is far away.. :/ yet skype is powerful.


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