Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brick stich bracelet

I am starting to get into bead weaving or stiching  from bead embroidery- as I for the next two months I am going to learn seed bead stiches.

I am immensely looking forward to that, the women in this virtual class are experienced so it will be a shame to do anyhow- oh I will have to try hard. So the studies in this so called academy will start on the first of  March, for a while I am just stiching something.

The idea for this bracelet  is taken from the Beadwork magazine. I have called it Snake's bling :) I have used an old brick stich piece. Also, I have used some agate stones, fire polished beads (or like) and Toho beads- two colours :)


I have drawn  a rough sketch of the round components, they are so fast to make :)

 Have a nice day and happy beading ;0D



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  1. THIS is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love bead embroidery - probably my favorite jewelry technique, ever...this really does look like snake skin! FABULOUS job - have a creative week...Tanya


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