Thursday, February 7, 2013

Scraps to something good: a pendant and a ring

Where do you put your beads? Do you throw them away? Do you sort them back to the containers?  I am sure there are some left after a bigger project... now I've got into the habit to do a little project in the same or similar colour scheme- so i decided to make pendants or rings. Those little thingies are useful as:
  •  gifts, 
  • as practice of new patterns
  • as little pieces of jewellery for oneself
This is a pendant I made: 
Here are my two pieces a ring (I made earlier) .
Tose are little news from me- now I am thinking what to make out of these nice beads: :)

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  1. I'm sure whatever you choose to make from the red/white beads will be fabulous, just like the rest! Happy Thursday - Tanya


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