Saturday, July 14, 2012

Amber delights


 It is possible to make amber talk in a newer way; combine it not only with itself and silver- as it is has been for ages here in Lithuania- which is wonderful I don't deny. It is possible to have a go at designing something new, reviving the forgotten stone.

Threre was a small small and nice beaded amber contest, for the beaders in our forum (auksarankes). The master of amber embroidered jewellery Vitalija Velyviene (some of the amber work by vitalija.velyviene ) was the host. The jury was her husband Audrius (a strict one :)). The prize was a subscribtion of Beadwork magazine(beadingdaily). I can show some of the masterpieces by our host...
Design by Vitalija
Design by Vitalija

Design by Vitalija 

 They are gorgeous, aren't they?

The first place went to  Benderiute (  her amazing felted jewellery auksarankes ) she has created a unique, wild and moving shape of a necklace, rainbow selection of amber. It is called Amber rainbow. It looks really awsome. So happy reading and enjoying :)

Created by Benderiute
Another fine work was by Varune (called Honey) , she has used a calm pallete of colours, where amber is an accent stone, it is very wearable and complete :) Worth the first place too. I like those longish beads a lot, they embelish this necklace.
Created by Varune

I have ventured to make an assimetrical necklace using amber, and linen.
Happy beading and using amber.


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