Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pincushion "Bright Life

As I have finished my pincushion before my holiday a week ago, I need to post it a bit later. Here is a picture me with  a goat in  Germany safari park.

As for pincushion, I have taken an inspiration from here I have said it is my favourite spot :D ; and admired so many creative and wonderful pincushions.

So inspired by the material itself I have made a pincushion:  I filled a mouthwash botlle lid, with 3 beach pebbles plus kids' plasteline, so the basis became heavy and sturdy. Then, I cut the filtz according to this lid, embroidered, then glued and stiched two sides together, then sewed the cap filled with soft stuff. That is it. Easy, decorated with a herringbone flower.

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