Monday, August 6, 2012

Sort of using my stash: turquoise necklace


I have completed a turquoise necklace (have called it Summer) as a gift to my Latvian friend-relative. I used the main colors- turquoise and brown and a secondary colour a bit of a hint of red and yellow. I bead embroidered around the focal beads. I took the inspiration from Beadwork  magazine older beadwork issue. It has been fun.

I have used or destashed: turquoise round big beads (they have been in  my stash for three years (not quite my colour), brown seed beads (in my stash for a long time- three years too).

Happy beading and getting ispiration from magazines be it old or new. 

Here are some pictures from Venspils (as they call it) it is a cute, little tidy place to vist esp with kids...


  1. What a beautiful color combination! Very pretty. :)

  2. Love this! The colour combination is so nice with those tiny seeds as a contrast. I really like your designs, you have your own style. Even in this case when your inspiration came from Beadwork. I too love to use books and magazines for inspiration, and to see all kinds of new things that are a least in USA. I seldom make anything exactly like it is in books and magazines. It is like visiting an exhibition and getting a lot of inspiration for my own creations. I'm sure your relative will love this unique piece of jewellery.

  3. Thanks a lot, yes I made a present, I think was delighted, at least she enjoys turquoise- so that is a great addition to this wonderful lady's box and as a memory of our visit. Thanks gain for the compliments :)


Thanks a lot for your comments ;)