Sunday, February 23, 2014

Colour school 3- sepia and black (all the range till white)

Hi, I have come with the homework for the third lesson of our little colour school here organized locally in our BISERIS LT  group, could probably become a member on request (here is the lesson 1 and lesson 2 ).

These are the bead embroidered earings that I have made.


The lesson included that a wonderful combination could be sepia and black (or the range of achromatic colours- from black through grey to white- all the range) . It was interesting to find out that sepia is not only used   in photography but in art too. Some examples of sepia:


The lesson included a wonderful colour combo- which could look stunning and good and luxurious- sepia and achromatic colours (from black to white). It is a good idea to throw in a touch of silver or gold it looks good. So I have tried to throw everything into this soup. The lesson learned - it is quite a wearable combo, to my mind.
Some other beyond wonderful examples of girls (no boys unfortunatelly among us) doing homework and having fun with  jewellery making. :)

By Ieva Skačkauskienė (her wonderful style of combining wire and beads and tightly forming into one unit- is so amazing). Here is Ieva's blog .
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A bead crocheted necklace by Gintare Plytaitiene (awsome python skin..) My dream art to learn...
By Gintare Plytaitienė (REBEKE)
By Gintare Plytaitiene (REBEKE)  (FB page above)
A set by Gitana Diržienė - this is a lot of work to invest as always eith bead embroidery 
Bt gitana Diržienė
Happy beading
Gutukas ;)

PS One example  from Pinterest:
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