Friday, January 31, 2014

Colour school series: 1. "Africa in me" - necklace

Hi, I have recentley started following a volunteer sort of little school on facebook on colour theory in practice- it is fun. As the teacher sets us a new challenge once a week.

This first challenge was to take a handful of details stones or gemstones preferably colourful, pick one randomnly and do something with it.
A selection of some stones and details
Then my son  helped me out and picked the central coconut detail. Unfortunatelly probably for me,,, who knows.
I came up first with this:
Then with this
Africa in me
Africa in me
PS other pieces were very gorgeous by various beaders-girls- artists in no particular order....

1.A soutache brooch or necklace element - by Dalika (Javų laukuos vakarėja)- (Dusk in a Field of Grain)
2. A focal gorgeous necklace by Vitalija Velyviene  "Ežero muzika' (Lake music")
3. Blue colour pieces a hair pin and necklace by Eglė Vosiliūtė.
4. A focal necklace by Gitana Diržienė it is called "Belaisvė" - (A Captive Woman")
5. Fun Earings by Ieva Skačkauskienė
6. A bracelet by Edita Kricenaite- it is amazing how a bull fight has been captured ("The winner takes it all")

By Dalika her forum page
By Vitalija Velyviene
By Eglė Vosiliūtė
By Gitana Diržienė
By Ieva Skačkauskaitė

By Edita Kricenaitė (rebel soul)

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