Sunday, January 5, 2014

My recent sewing adventures

 I have got into sewing for the past three months more, I would like to share some things i have created, it is just a humble start for me. ;)

I got into teddy bears a bit, but didn't have enough passion for that, though a promise for my daughter has been made she needs another teddy too. This one was made from something of this : I have my little teddies board here on Pinterest: Teddies and dolls. This a cute teddies blog- Everyone can make it using this tutorial in Lithuanian- The first lessonThe second lesson , The third lesson
And this:
Into this lion- teddy bear creature :))))
Then I made three aprons with owl applique (as presents for my close ones).
The red and green one: 
The sort of blue, orange and brown, all my aprons are two sided some have pockets just one  doesn't.
I love the button details, for me personally making aprons with appliques is real fun, I get a bit creative with fabrics, I use a simple quilting stich on my Bernette sewing machine, trying to coordinate thread sometimes not.
Here is on unclear photo of another one:

Last but not least, my favourite part my pincushions: here I used buttons from a package kindly sent in exchange for a tutorial (it is coming up)  from K&C Supplies on Etsy (they sell zippers and buttons). I used cute buttons chevron one and patchworked one ;)

Here are all four pincushions (I have left one for myself - the others went (flew :)) as presents for my sewing courses classmates.
Here are all four:
Here is my pincushions board on Pinterest here, maybe for some inspirations, these cute little projects are very satisfying.

Happy New Year and happy creative sewing :)


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