Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY mittens with bead decorations + a keychain

Hello, just one more quick update on my sewing adventures ;) I have made two pairs of mittens out of an old thrifted and washed sweater (one for me and for the friend as a gift)- do they look like oven mits? :D I hope notttt.... I like my mits as they are beautifu and hopefully I won't loose them because I am always loosing gloves ... all over the place ;)
It was quite easy I used my old mit as a guide, made it bigger. Although the fabric isn't exeptionally good as there is only 30 per cent of wool- but it has been my first try ;)

I have cut the shape used the hem of the sweater as the natural end- if you will be doing remember to leave the ends longer- it is much cosier for your wrists ;)

So here are some more pics of the process :)

Have fun with your diy - have you made mits out of an unwanted sweater?
G. ;)

PS from the same sweater there appeared a cute keychain rabbit- quite crazy looking one- very  assimetrical ;)


  1. Oh goodness! What a fabulous re-use idea. And your personalizing them with the fabric and buttons is so cool. Excellent work.

  2. Thanks a lot, eventually I lost one of them :D but can always sew a new pair ;)


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