Friday, December 25, 2015

Stuffed cuties time

Hi, friends ;) Here I have made some cuties, as I call them. They are little sewn stuffed creatures, they are among my favourite things to sew ;) Also they make great keychains ;) And who doesn't want to use all the fabric scraps and bead leftovers? Do you have any spare buttons? You can use them. I collect them- you can use old buttons too. See, of course it is a fun little project. 

Cutie nr 1 my daughter wants to adopt him - The Rabbit

Cutie nr 2 A Girl

Cutie nr 3 A Fatty Little Something ;) 

Oh this is it for now, when will I get more serious? ;) 

Have a wonderful celebration time! 

My dog wants to wish you Merry Christmas too.

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