Thursday, December 24, 2015

So Cool felt sewing machine

My daughter got this machine from Santa. She had wanted it. 

What a cool machine it sews without thread just with a needle ;) actually 6 needles. There is a special fabric, but it can sew another type of thin felt ;) too I think. 

My daughter first sewed a cupcake; it is in the kit ;) The edges are a bit raw but it is ok as she had a great time ;) 

Then she was happy to make a bag this time we turned it inside out ;) 

Later we made a little pouch for her friend from dance classes Auguste. I sewed a button and the handle but my seven-year old can do it too.

After that she decided to sew a little friend 

This the result 

She couldn't make the body, it was too small for felting-sewing with So Cool for her. 

So these are our little adventures with So Cool. I hope, it won't get boring and my daughter will make more nice projects. ;) 

Best Wishes

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