Sunday, December 6, 2015

On a soutache kick

Hi! I've been into soutache recently, I have a lot if soutache in my beading stash, I didn't use it at the time I was interested ;) So I am looking forward to using it this time ;) at least some of it. 

At first I made a pair of earings as a practice I was inspired by a gorgeous  piece on the pinterest. Mine is in colours: blue and burgundy, unfortunately my swarowski rivoli slightly don't match :( 
  One is darker than the other oh ...never mind. 

Here is another pair, that I am making 

Another project is my old hair clip- I am going to dress ir up, I am using an old flower from a necklace, beads, some soutache ;) The fabric is from a thrifted chair cover, the rest I used up gor a purse organiser ;)
It is real fun wheb I can embroider ;) So I will take pictures in day light. By for now ;) 


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