Friday, May 3, 2013

RAW details for an old clutch

I have completed my decorated clutch. It is in RAW (right angle weave), it was the last part of a two month challenge. I feel quite happy and exhausted at the same time, so many beading  techniques I have tried for the last two months.

For this particular clutch I 'll add a strap, will show then too. All in all,  I am very glad how it worked out, it is really more ":me" now- it screams I LIKE BEAAAADSSSSSSS I do like them. :)

 I was beading the details separately (just eyballed the meassurments) :) then stiched them to the seams. Very easy way to fasten a decorative element. It took me about four days, of course I wasn't beading all day long. \
 So as I promised I added a strap and a decoration- a bow ;) on the small buckle-

 The bow up closer. It has been done in brick stich by increase on both sides then sewn together with tila in the middle.The strap beginning i did in herringbone, reinforeced a lot. Still I think I cannot put a lot in that purse, the strap attachment needs to be stronger- but for a phone and wallet it will do ;) I hope. i am very glad that I have made something useful and wearable.

The inspiration for the bow, the bows are done perfectly here so evenly. ;) Here is her facebook page Atikute

By Atikute (made by Egle)

Good luck beading and decorating something you feel bored with ;) G.

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