Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My bead haul, from a bead shop in Kaunas

Hi, I am just starting to share my hauls, I could include some pictures of the work I do with the beads bought- I wish the components could go more in the projects with the old stuff. So seriously need to work on that.

Here in Kaunas, in the bead shop (in URMAS) (one of the cheapest options, out of the centre). I was surprised that the shop had been enlarged wow- i said to myself I thought where am I???? :) So definetely the making jewellery business and just as hobby is blooming.

I bought:
  • glass pearls (good bargain)
  • studs (might be handy now)
  • spikes (used some on the bag decoration)
  • needles (always need them)
  • earing wires (always needed)
  • some round beads (never know)
  • peach daggers (I am always on the hunt for some daggers)
  • black Preciosa seed beads (not obut will do)
  • My haul

    I came up with this set (just a quick gift idea) i have it for my friend as an addition to the gift ;)

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