Sunday, October 30, 2016

Poppies in autumn

Hi. Just a quick one to prove that I am moving forward bit by bit. This is my first thicker bead crochet necklace "Poppies". The scheme/pattern was created by JulaG I have it from Pinterest ;) 

Here I was trying different tension, besides my thead ended I had to add another but still here it is. I will be learning this technique till I get the loops, the tension and the thread right. 
What are you learning nowadays? ;)

Sveikučiai mano mokomasis žgutas ir auskariukai. Schema JulijosG pasinaudojus visagaliu Pinterest'u. Trūko ilgio išsprendžiau kaspinais. Tik slidoki žxali žalčiukai ;) Bandžiau siūlo tempimą nežinojau kokio laisvumo turi būti tos kilpelės. Bet nieko mokysimės ;) 


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