Saturday, January 5, 2013

My pinterest boards

I have just been finding joys of the Pinterest, there is such an array of things to see, everyone can notice, so I have a couple of strated boards, I WANT TO SHARE THEM WITH YOU,,,:)

free-patterns-for-bead-lovers/ (some free patterns for beaded jewellery)
bead-embroidery-fans-from-lithuania-auksarankes/ (our forum pictures, different beaders not only from Lithuania who enjoy bead embroidery- I want these pictures to be seen in more places in the world, not to get lost in the forgotenness)
jewellery-making-stiches-and-techniques/ (more techniques)
/upcycling/ (turning something into something)
/sewing-patterns/ (sewing patterns for beginners)
/crafts/ (cute and easy crafts)

I hope of course to make my boards bigger and more useful ;)

Happy beading and using resources,

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