Sunday, December 8, 2013

Impressions from the Town Hall Square

Hi- sorry for the absence ;(
A knitted eco Santa is holding his Santa's cap
Just a quick reminder to myself that I do have a blog- ;). I am all into sewing- but yet... some pictures from our trip to the Christmas tree in the town hall square here in Kaunas, in Lithuania- but no beads ;).

This Christmas tree it is a real work of art- was made well,  it was knitted of plastic bags- later they all will be recycled- hopefully. Just amazing view- the created Angels are rotating, they have been made by individual artists. Just some quick pictures from our trip. Wonderful work from the artists and volunteers....
It's inside the tree- rotating angels

We're outside- impressive ornaments all over ;)

From further
Enjoy winter no matter how cold and horrible it can be (today the first great snow fell)....

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