Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A necklace- A secret

Glad to be back with another post, it is nothing special just to show my most recent creation "The Secret".

The rope is in Russian Spiral- inspired by this post IB, the rope's tutorial is here Russian spiral  very lovely and easy to make, very soft and draping.

The stone is so mosaicy - very colourful and I used some bead embroidery to complement its colours.

Happy beading and trying some new techniques (which I am sure you do) ;)



  1. Hello Gutukas,
    Your necklace is gorgeous I love the Russian spiral rope and the free form bail that you made to showcase the beautiful focal stone.
    Also thank you for the lovely comment you left about my Aspen Trails necklace for the AJE blog hop.


Thanks a lot for your comments ;)