Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas diy Swap

Before wishing everyone happy holidays, I just want to metion one swap where I have gladly taken part at. It was in the handicraft forum Auksarankes auksarankes. I entered into 25 litas challenge (it is about 10 dollar challenge) that meant I had to make a gift in the swap worth not less than 10 dollars of materials. So I got my gift reciever Rebeke here is her FB page she asked for something felted, and allowed bead embroidery so that is what I made for her:

Cosy felted slippers which I have already shown
 A bead embroidery bracelet with textile flowers

And a bead embroidery necklace set:

To sum up, it is hard to make a present for someone so experienced and whom you don't know, yet it is a challenge, and a way for the creative juoices to flow out ;) I am still waiting for my Christmas gift to arrive by post. ;)

Happy holidays !
Photo by evelina liut (from FB)

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