Friday, September 20, 2013

Wrapping up presents creatively and on the budget

Hello, long time has passed since I have posted anything here- my beads are patiently waiting ;) Hopefully. I could say that I apologize, but it is as it is. There is a nice post for not apologizing for not blogging - that is sort of my excuse- So Zo ..Do you know blog :)

I will try to catch up- I have seen on youtube how recycled flowers of bright paper, magazines, booklets, anything goes... can be made By jenniebellie - They were  an inspiration for me... ;) So if one wants to create a nice and unique decoration for the gift those flowers can be embelished with buttons, beads, scraps of fabric or ribbons.  I used a  hot glue gun for gluing everything, maybe E600 glue could be used. ;)

Here is the first wrapping for a giftcard. I used 4 doilies, a button, a recycled paper flower, gift wrap, cardboard as a base, plastic wrap for sort of framing making it higher a bit ;)

 Another was a gift for my friend- my sewed beach bag- so I think this one is very womanly, it was my second try ;) :I used ribbon, doilies, buttons, gift wrap paper. :)
How do you decorate your gifts?
Happy decorating :)


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