Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sewing a jewellery travel case- a tutorial

Hello once again- back in summer I have made a case  for my jewellery because I am all about beads ;) it seams, and it is very hard to decide what exact piece to take with me on a trip, so I take quite a lot, depending on my outfits.... So it is very useful to make sewn jewellery holder...
You need:
  • a sewing machine (or your hands and patience- alooot of) 
  • scissors, aruller, thread, iron, zippers (optional)- I have made without
  • scraps of material for posckets
  • felt for embelishment
  • the main material
So let's get going....
1. take anything what is a beautiful bigger scrap of fabric- I recycled my daughters unworn head scarf- these are cheap and colourful:

 2. Fold your material in half, take paper for pockets measurement if you have a special ruller and a rotary cutter- you just do it.
3. Take your scraps for pockets- I made 4 bigger and one smaller.
4. Cut them, sew right sides together, leave a small gap, take the outside out :)
5. Sewn they look like this, fpor contrast I bent the rim, and iron iron iron, it is the key...
6. Sew them nicely, first pin of course.
7. Sew a certain binding, I ironed before, use a very coordinating thread.
8. Pinb pin pin and sew

9. Here is the finished piece from inside:
10. Make felt roses and a tie from some strechy material.
And here it is:

PS My another sewing venture that I have done a tote bag :

Happy beading and making for next summer ;)

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