Sunday, November 3, 2013

Black Sultan's Treasure

Hello, it is incredible how the time has been passing, we are heading into late autumn. Now in front of my window, there are bare trees and a shabby apple tree with a couple of red cold apples, droplets of rain are hanging off black branches... Seems so calm. Oh I have a cup of coffe in front of me just now and it is cosy, with children's voices in another room... Oh as for my beading....I do, yes.

I have admired this pattern in Beadwork magazine (pattern by Maria Teresa Moran), it is called Sultan's Treasure. All the bracelets there are so colourful, I have made ablack version. Here is the name Black Sultan's Treasure.
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 Now it is for my client, if the bugle beads are not comfortable for her wrist I will sew a black cahmere lining under and fasten the bracelet on to it ;) I like the magnetic clasp, it is more expensive but quick like lightning ;)

Here are other versions of Sultan: Sultan's treasure by Almona Beads , by musicalbunny18 there are so many beautiful versions.
Thanks for visiting dear beaders and friends ;) See your very soon. ;)

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