Sunday, October 13, 2013

My watch- RAW bead decoration on leather

Hi I have created a sort of watch. Here is a tutorial or explanation  how I did it:

You need:
  • leather
  • beads
  • square beads
  • watch face
  • thread/fishing line/fireline/bead needle/strong needle/thumbler
Make as many rows of right angle weave (RAW) as you need I made 4 by 11; then I decorated with square beads, made a picot fringe:

Then attach to the watch face with the fireline, secure; go through the holes several times.
Take a piece of leather of any colour that you like- sew the sides with a sewing machine or by hand
Sew the watch bracelet carefully onto the leather. Sew some fastening like buttons or anything really. Cover with another piece of suede maybe, glue with jewellery glue or if you don't have could use Moment Cristal.

Here is the final result...
"Along autumn paths"
So the autumn is really in a nice  wonderful phase there is nowadays....

How is your autumn beading going?

Have an awsome week :)
PS I have taken some pictures today; near where we live. There is a river flowing beautiful views especially in colourful autumn...:
nice red and yellow colour mixture
sort of mushrooms
nice crown of leaves
greetings from my daughter ;)



  1. WOW such a fabulous creation.such a unique stunning watch
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

    1. Thanks a lot for visiting, I can't stop admiring your work ;) Good luck in your creations. ;)


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