Friday, August 8, 2014

Sewing adventures: smiley applique on a gift tote :)

Hi,  I haven't been writing as much as I would love to, of course. As we are getting into autumn I hope this bloggy of mine will be more productive, keeping my nail polish junkie's fingers crossed  :0) In reality I've been busy with my kids lately, as it's summer holidays for them.... Enough rambbling let's jump into it.

My tote bag nothing original ;( :
Up-cycled gift tote

A prepared smiley applique and my skirt
We needed a gift basket for a friend, so I thought... why not to make it a hand sewn tote, which could be used later for shopping or things like that.

I have had a circle skirt of gorgeous lovely soft wool fabric, I thought if I am not going to wear it so why not to use it for my projects.

So first I cut the paper pattern, I always loose them somewhere. Then I cut 2 pieces of the black material and as strap piece. I sewed the strap and made a smiley shaped applique.

I love appliques: here is my pinterest board for that applique-sewing  if someone is interested.
Pinned and bent the corners and sewed with a small small length stich slooowlyyyyyy
Here is my finished tote, it was a bit slouchy so I used some of these :

 didn't have any new ones or didn't find rather (embarrassed now....)

The final view : just put any gifts in side and to the party!!!

Have you appliqued any totes or bags?

PS Should I name my blog into all in threads? ;) Where are the beads????

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