Friday, August 8, 2014

Soutache and beadwork bangle

Here is some bead work at last....

I have watched wonderful and easy to follow Jill Wisemans's tutorial Festival Lights Bracelet (here) and I have  made a bangle with twin (like duo) beads, but it was too flimsy so I made another one joined it with soutache piece and saved the day :)

I used grey twin beads, and Chech tiny black with silver lining beads and some sort of svarowskis- it is a great destashing project- I didn't buy anything had everything in my bead boxes (I am going to stop hoarding beads- I hope ;)))
Festival Lights Bangle inspired set :) the earrings are totally random just strung something :)

Here are some pictures in the process:
The bangles separately 

Have fun, see you soon :)


PS My country is beautiful in summer I like the countryside very much
The river not far from our house
I am a running fun fan ;)
Close to a sunset

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