Thursday, June 14, 2012

An embelished shoe- tutorial

So hello, if you are a reader.

A small project I have taken on, yet it wasn;t so short, I don't know why it takes so long, mayvbe my inexperience is to blame. Anyways let's get down to the tutorial:

You need:
  • shoes that you don not want to throw away, which you are tired of or can't use :)
  • scissors
  • thread (I sused a simple Coats thread, but I always double go through the beads)
  • textile glue
  • beads
  • material aida14 or any other for the bead embroidery
  • leather straps
  • felt straps
  • a clasp (though it possible to use buttons, snaps, ribbons)
Here we goooo:

So let's take this naughty shoe, I have lost its straps- therefore it was lying useless... Take the shoe, and take the leather straps,

or you might take one strap of leather it is up to you...

Stick the leather strap through the shoe hole

Prepare two straps of one long, for bead  emroidery sew the edges, prepare well, you probably know how. :)
 Take the beads of your selectio I have chosen white ones of different finishes, a bit greenish and ivorish ones. And transparent beads.

Embroider your straps with bigger beads first, some pearls, some corals (white).

Like that , for example ....

Glue them on the leather straps, sew the clasp very well, as it will be torn and worn :), stick the felt on the inner side, sew with white beads around to coneal different materials: and here you go a shoe has a beaded unique strap, you might also add a coboshon on the front, might decorate how you like.

Happy beading!


  1. Puiki idėja ir atlikimas:)

  2. Ačiū Sarma, kad aplankei ir kad patiko :)))))Stengiausi...


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