Monday, June 25, 2012

Summery flowers and some beads

Hi :) I imensely like summer though there is not enough time for beading, there is never enough time, yet I try to follow my passion, I enjoy the pictures and read more than bead ;(.  We with the family have been spending a lot of time outdoors just walking or resting; I have taken some pics.

I had luck to complete my order for a present, I bought a box for it as well. I have used some onyx stones here, some pearls, some toho sead beads and  Chinese sead beads as I have plenty of them. I decided that I like a slow process better than the hurrying to complete an order. That was frustrating.Yet the result is delighting.

So my bead embroidery necklace A Black Dream.

This could be matched with a summery bracelet, I have used some black onyx stones and some metal details, some jump rings. I like the floral theme the flowers and the tiny trees... :)

Happy beading!

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