Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some new bead embroidery items

I wanted to transform the unwanted earings into something more suitable, but in reality it worked out only to steal the shape, as they would be too thick if I had stuck embroidery on both sides.

 I would call them A Blue Lagoon. The colour isn't my favourite so I noticed that it took longer than I expeted to bead. Unfortunatelly blue isn't my cup of tea, jsut dark blue is beautiful/

So still what sould I do with the un wanted earings? I have cut out the details.

And another work, I have done - I finished it today though the detail was started back in March, I am proud of myself that I haven't quited, I restarted embroidering again two days ago. An dhere it is Fantasmagoria:

Happy beading!!! G

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