Thursday, July 25, 2013

A geometric necklace

A bit later than I made I will write about my piece, I have called it "Kampuotasis" that means angular so the set is called "Angular". Farfalle beads are used predominantely The necklace is according to a pattern from a book Great Designs for Shaped beads- peanuts and berries

There is a Pinterest board of jewellery where farfalle (berry or peanut) beads are used- here . The free tutorial of another element using farfalle beads is here- at the beading Butterfly .

On the whole the pattern was tricky i have strugled with it for two days, but just because i don't have much patience with patterns, but then decided that I will stick to it, so it was fun in the end.

Happy beading and using different shaped beads ;)

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